Food & Beverage

FNB Trading owns and operates more than 10 restaurants and cafés across Lebanon.

Blending tradition with innovative touches; FNB Trading provides a rich experience that can only be matched by its delicious restaurants and cafés.

The quality ingredients and the company’s heritage deliver an experience that is so perfect to make every visit phenomenal. Our priority is to serve our guests the highest quality. This commitment begins with quality control and high safety standards that have been recognized worldwide. Our quality expert team is dedicated to provide our network with the freshest ingredients and high-end products.

No one knows food better than we do!!! We are just inspired by the Lebanese Culture, warmth, and genuine hospitality. So we consistently hold ourselves to the highest standards for service, quality and welcoming atmosphere.

"There is no love sincerer than the love of food" George Bernard Shaw

Pizza Box

The famous Pizzeria was first unveiled in 1992 in Switzerland. The restaurant is originally famous for its use of fresh and local components. It serves an array of distinguished classic and modern pizzas.

Our passion to Lebanon led us to enjoy our success and open our pizzerias here in Beirut.

So if you’re looking for an authentic Italian pizza; Pizza box is your place. It’s Original, Delicious and Fresh!!

At Pizza Box, the pizza is not a formula; it’s rather an art that requires instinct and taste.


Raneem Café features truly authentic flavors inspired by the Mediterranean. Our naturally healthy menu is characterized by a minimalist approach to cooking with the emphasis on the taste of the freshest ingredients.

Our menu features delicious selections for all types of appetites. We offer many cuisines and traditions, but common to all is a commitment to quality food and great service.

We choose only the freshest ingredients to compliment the authentic flavors and textures in all of our signature meat, poultry and vegan dishes salads and desserts.

Yogo Bees

Create Your Passion

Yogo Bees gives you a chance to break free and experience a great tasting of frozen yogurt. Our strength comes from its innovative flavors and quality. It’s freshly made and served. Frozen yogurt is the healthier and tastier option, as it contains no added flavors or preservatives. We went a step further to look after those who have a sweet tooth yet want to be healthy too by offering a fat free dessert.

Stressed spelled backwards is desserts, coincidence? I think not!! So come distress yourself with our delicious desserts and enjoy all the health benefits from it.

Enjoy the fascinating experience and rejoice the fruit festivals, candies, cookies and all the luscious toppings, they are served just to please you.

Lemon Lime

A casual elegant restaurant located in Beirut. The quality Italian ingredients provide an experience that is worth for celebrating your special events. We're always focused on innovation, attention to detail and quality in everything we do. We pride ourselves to be a trademark of quality.

Sam's Cafe

Sam's Cafe is a new coffee shop located in Verdun, with a concept that came straight from Hollywood. Our Cafe is full of character, so much more than flavor, roast or blend... this makes an ideal place to catch up with friends and explore a menu including a selection of fresh pastries, desserts and cold sandwiches, along with hot and cold drinks.

You'll be able to enjoy a wide variety of coffee including Arabica in a typical American atmosphere, and all kinds of snacks if you're looking for a quick fix.